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                Anhui Tiankang medical Technology Co.,LTD.  Welcome!

                Vice governor Zhang Hongwen visited Anhui Tiankang Medical Technology Co., Ltd. for investigation


                     On the morning of May 29, Zhang Hongwen, vice governor of Anhui Province, visited Anhui Tiankang group to investigate the enterprise development, production and operation. Han Yongsheng, director of the provincial market supervision and Administration Bureau, Xu chengran, deputy director of the provincial development and Reform Commission, Lu Feng, deputy mayor of Chuzhou, Li Rupei, director of the Chuzhou market supervision and Administration Bureau, fan Desheng, deputy director of the Chuzhou development and Reform Commission, and Deng Jigan, Secretary of the Tianchang municipal Party committee, accompanied the investigation.

                    Zhang Hongwen, vice governor of Tiankang Medical Technology Co., Ltd., made an on-the-spot investigation and went deep into the production line to understand the production and operation situation. Zhao Kuan, chairman of Anhui Tiankang group, made a detailed report to Zhang Hongwen on the development of the group and the production of anti epidemic materials, especially the production of vaccine syringes.。

                    Vice governor Zhang Hongwen affirmed the achievements made by Anhui Tiankang group over the years, and appreciated the contributions made by Anhui Tiankang group to bear social responsibility and actively contribute to epidemic prevention during the epidemic period. Vice governor Zhang Hongwen also hoped that Anhui Tiankang group, while committed to its own development, should give full play to its leading role, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, and lead the development of the industry, To play a greater role in building a better Anhui.

                   Zhao Kuan, chairman of Anhui Tiankang group, said that Anhui Tiankang group will live up to its mandate, unswervingly practice the road of independent innovation and green development, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, fully serve the social and economic construction of Anhui Province, and strive to contribute more to the development of Anhui Province.
                   LV ChuanHua, member of the Standing Committee of Tianchang municipal Party committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the Management Committee of Chuzhou high tech Zone, Zhou Ji'an, vice mayor of Tianchang City, and Mao Wenwen, general manager of Anhui Tiankang group, participated in the survey.

                • Add: No. 228. Weiyi Road Economic Development Zone Tianchang City Anhui China
                  Postcode: 239300

                • Comprehensive office:+ 86-550-7309169
                  Fax: + 86-550-7308901

                • Sales consultant:Service
                  Complaints rights:Service

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